Sunday, October 31, 2010

Get your Stampin' UP! Christmas

      Get exactly what you want from Stampin UP! this year from all your loved ones.  How, you ask?  Simple!  Just fill out a wish list and get it back to me.  I will do all the rest.  Write down everything you want (if you list it in the order of what you want the most - I can make sure you get those items).  Next give the name and contact information of those you wish me to share your wish list with.  I will contact them and let them know you have a wish list.  I will work with them to get items for you off of your wish list.  I will even help your loved ones work within a budget to get the most for their money.  Not only that, but  I will also gift wrap for them.  All they need to do is order!  How simple is that?

      Click HERE to download my Wish List form.  Please fill it out and get it back to me no later than November 21, 2010.  For every wish list I get back by 11/21/10, I will give you a special holiday surprise, just from me.

Happy Sunday!
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