Sunday, August 30, 2009

Do I or Don't I?

    That is the question?  What is the question, you ask?  Well, do I take the jump and become a Stampin' UP! Demonstrator?  The starter kit is $85 until tomorrow (I know, I waited until the 11th hour to decide).  Who can resist that?  But here's the other part of it, a friend of mine, who owns her own scrapbook store asked me to teach some classes at her store.  A dream I've had for a long time now.  I instantly jumped on that one and said yes (I will need to work around my DH's schedule, but I've been doing that for 16 years now).  Then I thought about the $85 starter kit and thought, since I need to provide my own materials when I teach a class, why not use Stampin' UP! products and make a little money too (to help defray the cost of the supplies I need to have in order to teach)?  So then I began to get excited, as I've been also dreaming of becoming a Demonstrator of this wonderful company.  I just spoke to my demonstrator about it, and I'm excited, and scared at the same time.  My DH says go for it (something I thought he'd NEVER agree to right now).  To stay active, I need to have $300 in sales a quarter (every 3 months).  This is where my fear enters.  If I do this, I want to stay active.  I'm worried that my customer base is too small to support this.  But then I thought, I'll be teaching.  If I provide some hard-to-resist offers, I could get orders from my classes and that will hopefully be enough to keep me active.  Like the wonderful demonstrators I've been working with over the last 2 years, I'm not one to push people  to buy anything, nor sign up for anything.  I just want to share my love of this crafts and the wonderful friendships it builds.
     Please share your thoughts with me.  I need to make a decision very soon.
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Sue said...

Hi Sandy, well my thoughts are... GO FOR IT! I have been in SU! for 2 years and I LOVE it! Like you, I just want to share my love of this crafts and the wonderful friendships it builds...and believe me, it does happen! I have made some wonderful friendships (online) and I love to share my creativity. I still have no team and very little customer base (no one around here wants to know)BUT I figger that will happen if it's meant to be. I hope so anyway. GOOD LUCK! I have been paying for most of my products just to keep active as I don't want to give this up!


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