Monday, August 8, 2011

So you say your stamps won't stick to your clear blocks

Stampin' Up!  Acrylic Blocks for clear-mount stamps

     I have had many people tell me that their clear-mount stamps don't stay on their blocks.  They are always asking me how to keep the stamps on the blocks.

     Well, I have a list of some reasons why the stamps might not be "sticking" to the blocks.  This list was found on a demo-only site, Stampin' Connection.  I thought it would be a HUGE help to all of you who are becoming frustrated with this problem.


1. They are too cold - They work better if they are slightly warm. Rub your hands together and then hold the block in your hands for a few seconds. If your hands are especially sweaty or dirty, wipe them clean before adhering. (See #2)

2. They are too dirty - Keep your blocks clean. Any dirt, oils, residue, ink, etc. will keep the stamps from adhering correctly. Wash them with warm soapy water and dry with a lint-free cloth just before you start your project.

3. They are too dusty - If you store your blocks on your desk or out on the counter, the dust will stick to them and keep the stamp from clinging. Wipe them off with a lint-free cloth before you try to adhere the stamp to them.

4. They are too comfy - Make sure you are adhering the blocks on a hard surface. If you stamp on a foam sheet or stamping pad, make sure you move it out of the way and adhere the stamps using a hard surface so that you have plenty of pressure.

5. They are too eager - Or maybe you are! :)  Timing is everything in life and adhering acrylic blocks to stamps is no exception. Place your stamp, rubber side down (on a hard surface) and press the clear block onto the cling back of the stamp. Hold down with even pressure for 20-30 seconds. It needs a bit of time to get all the air out from between the stamp and the block.

6. They are too boring - They need a little extra spark. Provide that by rubbing on your pants or sleeve to add a little spark of static cling. That also helps solve the problem of being too cold as well.

7. They are too labeled - Many stampers choose not to adhere the label to the clear-mount stamp. The foam sticks better to the stamps without it. Or you can trim the labels down and have a larger area around the stamp to stick to the block.

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     I hope this list helps you find a solution for your acrylic block problem.  I've found that if I wash my block with dish soap, let them air dry, and use a lint-free cloth, my stamps stick without any problem.

     Happy stamping with sticky blocks!

Happy Monday (almost Tuesday)!
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