Sunday, May 22, 2011

White Gel Pen Tips

Uni-Ball Signo Gel Pen
105021 ~ $3.95

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     This wonderful white gel pen is oh so useful.  The "ink" flows smoothly from the pen.  It's nice and thick and the white is vibrant.  I use it on eyes (the paper kind of course) all the time - it give them that gleam you want eyes to have.  I also use the white gel pen for adding dimension to punched creations.

     While perusing the many blogs I love to visit, I stumbled upon Sharon Field's blog.  She had a wonderful list of white gel pen tips.  Here list was so good that I just HAD to share it with you.  I hope you find these tips very useful.  I know a few of them have helped me improve the use of my white gel pen.


 Gel Pen Tips
  1. Gel pens are not filled with ink, it’s paint in that tiny tube!
  2. Gel pens take longer to dry than markers. 
  3. Always store gel pens horizontally (on their side).
  4. Clean the roller ball tip of the pen after each use to prevent paint accumulation and drying.
  5. If paint does dry on the tip, try removing with a little rubbing alcohol or odorless mineral spirits (aka paint thinner that doesn’t stink LOL).
  6. If the gel pen appears to have a lot of ink and/or bubbles in the tube, the paint can sometimes be pushed down to the tip by inserting a long, narrow bit of eraser into the tube.  As you push the eraser down the tube, the paint will be compressed toward the tip of the pen.
  7. This one really scares me… I’ve never tried it and probably won’t ever try it… but some people actually put the pen in a microwave for a few seconds!!  I think if I was that desperate, I’d set it point-down in a 1/2 cup of boiling water first!
  8. Replace cap immediately after use!  Don’t put it down unless the cap is on it, even for a second… it’s too easy to get distracted by kids, pets, phone, etc.

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