Sunday, December 12, 2010

Portable North Pole

     Hi Everyone!  I'm so sorry it's been awhile since I've lost posted.  I've been super busy at work (my full-time teaching job).  It gets crazy the month before Christmas.

     Anyways, along with the craziness of work, I've been working on a bunch of holiday cards.  I will be posing them as the week goes on, so be sure to come back each day to see the beautiful cards.

picture taken off of the PNP website

     In the meantime, I have a link to share with all of you - especially those of you with Santa-believing children in your lives.  It's called the Portable North Pole.  It's GREAT!  You type in info of the child you want the message from Santa to go to.  You can even put a picture of the child in the message, if you wish.  This year there are a bunch of choices to make, in terms of their behavior and if they have been good or not, what specific gift they want, their age and grade in school.  It's so GREAT!  (Did I already say that?).  My kids LOVED it last year, and I am so glad to see the upgrade this year.  Here is the link:  PORTABLE NORTH POLE

     I hope you have a young one in your life you can do this for.  They love it and the adults will too!

Happy Sunday!
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