Saturday, November 6, 2010

Vendor Fair Canceled

      About a week ago I posted about a vendor fair I was participating in on Sunday November 7th.  I received an email from the person running it.  Apparently she did not get the response she was hoping for, so she moved it to her home, for those of us willing to set up there.

     Though I spent the past month making items to sell, setting up a display board, and going through my retired stamps and planning to sell most of them, I won't be participating.  I became very sick this past week (no pneumonia this time - but possibly something from the flu shot I received this week - don't get one if you don't feel good. NOT a good idea!).  Since I'm so sick, I was trying to think of how to tell her I was too sick to participate.  I was so relieved to have received her email.

     I am disappointed to not be doing this, but I do have items to sell.  Once I'm feeling better, I'll post what I was going to sell for any of you to purchase, including the stamp sets I wan to sell.

    Please check back in a few days to see all that I have to sell.

Happy Saturday!
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