Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Teacher Gifts #2

     My oldest just finished Kindergarten.  He had the most wonderful teacher.  I'm so impressed with how much he learned this year.  Reading is the biggest thing.  He's reading on a mid-1st grade level and is very excited to move to first grade next year.

     Due to all her hard work all year, I needed to make his teacher something very special.

     This is what I made.  This is actually the third gift box I made.  See this post for the other ones I made.  These were inspired by Gretchen Barron.  See her box HERE.    

     Inside is a coordinating notepad and matching RSVP pen and a gift certificate.

**NOTE**  Paper used on this specific box is NOT Stampin' UP! paper (sorry!)

  I made the pansies using watercolor paper.  My colors bled easier and dried lighter (I used Night of Navy and Elegant Eggplant), these are so much lighter than the original colors.  I love how they turned out.  For my tutorial on how to make the pansies, check out THIS post.  On these pansies I added little lines from the middle out, all the way around.  I saw real pansies the other day and realized I did not add them to the pansies I made in March.

     This is the notepad and matching RSVP pen.  I just covered the notepad with a coordinating paper and made a paper flower from a Sizzix die (not a Stampin' UP! one - sorry!).  To make the matching pen, I unscrewed the back and pulled out the ink tub.  I cut a piece of designer paper 3 1/2" x 7/8".  I then rolled it tightly around the ink tube.  I then put the paper in the empty pen tube, put the ink tube back in and screwed in back in.  It's that easy.  It's also fun to coordinate all your pens.  It's a great way to use up all your scraps.

     I also made a card for his teacher, that matches the gift box.  I had him sign his name.  Too cute!

   Teachers don't get enough recognition for all that they do, I know this because I am a teacher and rarely, if ever, do parents tell me home much they appreciate how hard I work to educate their child.  I hope that you express your appreciate and gratitude to your children's teachers.  The press makes teachers out to be the enemy, but honestly we are not.  We work very hard and our paychecks do not represent our expertise and hard work we put in every single day.  Teachers are to most selfish people.  Without teachers, our world would not move forward.  Have you thanked a teacher today?

Happy Tuesday!
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