Saturday, November 14, 2009

Round 2

     My 1st workshop was a success!  It was so much fun!  Thank you Audrey, and her guests, for a wonderful, fun, and enjoyable evening.  Stamping Christmas cards was so much fun!  I have no idea what I was so nervous about.

     I have round 2, my second workshop, later this afternoon.  This time, my hostess Becca, is a neighbor, and also one of my babysitters.  We will be making the same Christmas cards we made at Audrey's workshop.  I learned a few things, like I needed something for the ladies to put the punched out snowflakes on when they added glue to them for the glitter, so glue doesn't end up all over the place.  At about 11:30 PM last night the light bulb went off.  I had the perfect solution.  Awhile back, I had purchased inexpensive, thin, yet not flexible, cutting boards.  They have grids on the back to help prevent them from slipping while cutting.  I used the grids and cut one board into approx. 4 x 4 squares to be used while adding glue to tiny punches.  They can be washed and the glue won't stick to them.  A PREFECT solution!  I hate it when I'm adding glue for glitter and I get it on things I don't want glue (like my table or the scrap paper I'm working on--everything sticks to it).  I hope you can use this idea.

     Wish me luck for workshop #2.  I hope my hostess earns a lot of wonderful hostess rewards.

Happy Saturday!

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