Thursday, April 1, 2010

I DID IT!!!!!!

     Finished all my grad work, that is!  This afternoon I did my presentation to the college, my final project. I was a wreck until I stood up and just started to talk.  I knew I was prepared and ready, but my body decided it needed to worry for days.  I practiced my presentation at least 10 times, and I felt I kept stumbling over my words.  Well, I did trip up a time or two this afternoon, but nothing major.  When my professor asked me a few questions, all I could do was beam--I was very confident in my answers and it showed.  I, no doubt, showed what I learned and knew, and that I earned the 4.0 I am graduating with.

     I want to take this time to thank my husband, boys, and parents for all their love and support.   It took me 10 years to get to this point--house, babies, family--all what is most important in life, were my bumps in the road to get here-nothing I would EVER change in a million years.  My goal was to graduate with a 4.0 and each class was a challenge to get through.  When I started to doubt myself in obtaining this goal, it was my husband that never let me forget that this goal was 100% obtainable.  I just needed to believe that I could do it.  Even with the toughest class I had to take (Intro. to Research-a class very few, if anyone, earns an A in), he kept telling me, one step at a time, and the A will be yours.  And it was!  On top of that, when I needed help with my boys, while I took classes, my parents always came through for me.  Contrary to popular belief, working on a Master's degree, working full-time, and having young children is NOT easy!  Yet, it is doable.

    I will be marching on Friday May 7th.  Earning that hood I worked so hard for.  Also to show my boys what all that hard work and sacrifice was for-showing them how much I value education, for me, my students, and them.

     I want to thank all my friends who also supported me over the last few years.  You constantly have told me over and over again how much you admire me and support me.  You kept reminding me that having a lot on my plate wasn't the end of the world, but that it made me a better person.  Thank you for all your support and encouragement.  You gave me those ever so important pieces of encouragement when I needed it the most.

     And to all of my customers who have be ever so patient with me.  Thank you!  I promise that I will now have time to devote to my business and to you.  I plan to work on more fun cards and projects and post more here~sharing my creativity and talent with all of you.

     Here is a sample of what I will be posting about over the next week.  I will share each one individually, and tell how I made each of them.  These beautiful flowers were my stress relief this past week as I was preparing for my presentation.  I love all of them, and when I look at this picture, I can't help but to smile.  I hope my flowers make you smile too!

     Be sure to stop back again for details on each of these flowers.

Happy Thursday!
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