Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter & Beware of squirrels

     Happy Easter to all of you!  I hope you are able to spend this very gorgeous day with your loved ones.  It's just the 4 of us today, but we are all outside, together, enjoying this beautiful weather, and each other.

     The Easter Bunny was very excited to fill and hide 84 plastic eggs in our backyard last night for the boys.  We got up early to go to early mass.  When I was done getting dressed, I open my bedroom blinds to let the warm air and sunshine in, when I saw two squirrels in the backyard, each with a part of a plastic egg in their mouths.  Needless to say, I was horrified.  I sent my husband out to chase them away, to learn that they had gotten their little paws on many eggs AND unwrapped the Hershey's Kisses AND ate the chocolate!  Can you believe that?  So, I had to switch our game plan and send my oldest and husband out to gather all the eggs.  As they where headed out, I watched one little brave guy run up our huge tree in the backyard, with the bottom half of one on my eggs in his mouth.  Once all the eggs were gathered, we went to church, praying that when we got home, we wouldn't find any dead squirrels in our backyard from eating the plastic or the chocolate.  God must have listened, as no dead squirrels have been found (YET!).  When all was counted, they got into 16 eggs.  We don't have remains of 20 eggs, but that many are not complete from our original 84.

     Here is a picture of 2 eggs they got into:

     You will be happy to know, that the boys still got their Easter egg hunt.  We rehid 68 eggs for them, all the while, scaring away the squirrels so the boys could find the eggs, not the squirrels!

     Many you and your family have a very blessed and enjoyable Easter!
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